Keeping Manhattan Beach a Nice Place to Live

The MBCA Board is sometimes asked for help in addressing problems related to property upkeep; abandoned vehicles; noise from adjacent properties; vandalism and destruction of property; animals running at large; and community safety. The following paragraphs provide information on community responses to these problems and will assist you in addressing those of particular concern to you.

Community Safety

Since 2015 the MBCA Board has retained the services of “off duty” uniformed patrol officers of the Anne Arundel County Police Department to provide secondary patrols within Manhattan Beach.  In an agreement with the County Police the officers are compensated directly by the MBCA to provide high visibility patrol in marked county police vehicles.  The officers work varied shifts and days of the week based on MBCA needs and the review of geographical crime data. 

Abandoned Vehicles

Anne Arundel County Code Article 18 Public Safety, Title 4, paragraph4-105, “Abandonment of Motor Vehicles” provides:

(a)”…a vehicle that is partially dismantled, non-operating, wrecked,junked, unregistered, bearing expired registration plates, or bearing registrationplates issued to another vehicle is presumed to have been abandoned.”

(b) “A person may not abandon a motor vehicle in the county. The owner,lessee, or custodian in care of a lot, field, street, or other propertymay not permit an abandoned vehicle to remain on property in the County.”

(c) if you leave such vehicle “on private property for more than 48hours; or in a garage for more than 10 days” (unless in an enclosed building)you are guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction subject to a fine of$25 or imprisonment up to 10 days or both and that “each day a violationcontinues constitutes a separate offense.”

If you are aware of any violations of this code and wish to report them,you can do so by calling the County Zoning Enforcement Section at 410-222-7446.

Property Upkeep

Anne Arundel County Code, Article 14 Environmental Health, Title 3,paragraphs 3-103 and 3-104 provide that:

“An owner or occupant of any premises may not permit the accumulationof refuse or other waste, including abandoned or immobile motor vehicles,on the premises if the accumulation: (1) may create a health, accident,or safety hazard; or (2) is accumulated in a manner that may cause or permitany part of the refuse or other waste to be carried or deposited by theelements on any other property, public or private.”


“The owners and occupants of any premises are jointly and severally responsible for providing a sufficient number of containers for storageof refuse and other waste matter to prevent overflow between times of collectionand maintaining the premises in accordance with the standards of this section.”

The initial point of contact to register possible violations of thiscode is the County Health Department, Tel. 410-222-7095.

Anne Arundel County Code, Article 22 Housing Maintenance and Occupancy Code, Title 2, paragraph 2-104 Rubbish and Garbage, provides that:

“(a) Each occupant of a dwelling or dwelling unit shall: (1) store anddispose of all rubbish in a clean, sanitary, and safe manner; and (2) storeand dispose of all garbage and other organic waste that might provide foodfor insects or rodents in a clean, sanitary, and safe manner.” And “(b)Whenever a container is used for storage pending collection, it shall berodent proof, insect proof, and watertight.”

Violations of this code should be reported to the County Housing Authority, Tel. 410-222-6200.


Anne Arundel County Code, Article 11 Crimes and Punishment, Title 5,paragraph 5-105 (c), Noise in residential districts, provides:

“(1) A person may not: (i) at any time use, operate, or permit the useor operation of a radio, tape player, boom box, phonograph, or similarsound device at an unreasonable loud volume in a residential district;(ii) between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7 a.m., use, operate, … a musicalinstrument or a machine tool, or similar device at an unreasonably loudvolume in a residential district; or (iii) at any time use, operate, orpermit the use or operation an amplified musical instrument at an unreasonablyloud volume at a residence.”

And “(2) it is prima facie evidence of a violation of paragraph(1) of this subsection (c) if the sound generated by the device can beheard at a distance of 50 feet from the device.”

Point of contact for violations of this code is the Anne Arundel CountyPolice, Eastern Division, Tel. 410-222-6145.

Animal Control

Anne Arundel County Code, Article 12 Animal Control, Title 8, paragraph 8-106, Animals running at large prohibited, provides:

“(a) An animal shall be considered to be at large if the animal is:(1) not on the property of its owner and not under the control of its owner;or (2) confined or secured by any person not the owner …at a location otherthan the premises of the owner…” (this does not apply to animals on a leashor engaged in supervised hunting)


“(c) An animal may not be at large. An owner of an animal at large isin violation of this section.”

Point of contact to report violations is Animal Control, Tel. 410-222-6690.