MBCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes- May 2, 2017

MANHATTAN BEACH CIVIC ASSOCIATION– Board of Directors Meeting 5/2/17


Board Attendees

Brandon Twentymon – President

Brett Bowman – Vice President

Tom McCarthy – Treasurer

Connor Devlin – Secretary

Rick Marsalek

John Doud

Lance Caffiero

Bob Ferrior

Richard Roys

Augie Pasquele

Brian Copper


Number of Residents in Attendance -0

The Manhattan Beach Civic Association’s Board of Directors Meeting was called to order at 7:00p.m. by Brandon Twentymon.



  • Conor Devlin recently moved into the community and has volunteered to serve as secretary




  • Patio Installation
    • Patio project is almost complete – Fence and grill are on backorder and will be installed on a later date
  • No parking sign has been removed




  • Expected to be launched in May
  • Will have drone footage and professional photos
  • $350 over budget due to drone footage and photos






  • Augie gave an update on the community beach projects
    • Dividing Beach
      • Scott Miller was hired as an outside consultant to help with the design and permit process
      • A County permit that was issued previously for the renovation recently expired, therefore; Mr. Miller will be reapplying
        • When/if the community receives the permit, the Dividing Beach renovation can move forward
      • Augie is in the process of receiving three quotes to complete the work
    • Oak Grove Circle Beach
      • Miller informed Augie that the property boundary dispute must be resolved before permits can be issued for the beachfront and the Cypress Road access renovations.
      • Augie is in the process of receiving quotes for the Oak Grove Beach access.




  • Cleats for boat ramp installed.




Adjourned 8:00 PM


Respectfully submitted,



Brett Bowman

MBCA Secretary