February Board & General Membership Meeting Minutes

Thank you to those that came to last night’s MBCA Membership meeting. Because of the low attendance at recent meetings, the Board of Directors is going to try to switch the date up a bit and see if that fits into schedules a bit better. Our bylaws Article IX, Section B state that a minimum of Ten (10) days notice must be given for a membership meeting date change. The date of the next meeting will be Thursday, April 5th. We hope that this change of date and the ample notice given will help to increase attendance. As usual a notice will be posted at the front board, this time at least Ten (10) days in advance.

Below please find copies of the meeting minutes from both the 7PM Board of Directors Meeting and the 8 PM General Membership meeting.


MBCA – Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – February 6, 2018

MBCA – General Membership Meeting Minutes – February 6, 2018