Manhattan Beach Boat Ramp Update for 2009
Commencing March 30, 2008, keys for the community boat ramp will be available for sale at a new location: the Maryland Monogram Products store in Pasadena. The store is located at 91 Ritchie Highway, northbound side, about a half mile past the Earleigh Heights Fire Department. The phone number for the store is 410-544-8440, and the hours of business are M-F 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM. The store is closed on weekends. The MBCA Boat Ramp Manager no longer sells keys directly.
The cost of the keys will remain $20. Payment may be made by either cash or check, with checks made out to “MBCA.” Key sales will be separate from other sales at the store and must be paid for separately.
The store acts as an agent for the MBCA Board of Directors. We have provided detailed instructions for how they will verify residence in Manhattan Beach. For most people this will be a Driver’s License with a valid street address. If there is any uncertainty, the store has been instructed to refer the customer to the community Boat Ramp Manager. The ramp manager will determine whether the customer is a valid resident of the community, and will notify the store to that effect. Many residents of our community have their primary residence elsewhere, thus all of their normal forms of ID do not list a Manhattan Beach address. If this applies to you then please take an official document that has your name and Manhattan Beach address when you go to purchase a key. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to contact the ramp manager to discuss.
The lock on the ramp gate will be changed sometime during the first week of April. If you have a key from last year please do not throw it away until you are sure that your new key will open the gate.
It is possible that we will sell out of keys during the late summer. If this happens I will order a new batch based on my estimation of how many more are needed. Keys are expensive, so I don’t want to order too many, then have to throw a bunch away. Please be patient if you go to buy a key and find they are sold out. Maryland Monogram has nothing to do with the ordering of the keys, or the quantities that are ordered. They simply resell what I provide them.
Ramp Rules
A copy of the MBCA boat ramp rules will be available when you purchase your key. You may also obtain a copy by contacting the Boat Ramp Manager. Please review the rules and comply with them.
Magothy Marina will again sell seasonal parking permits for $50. This parking is for tow vehicle and trailer after launching at the ramp, and is in the large unpaved lot across the street from the marina. Manhattan Beach residents may obtain a parking sticker by contacting Victoria Shiroky, marina manager, at 410-647-2356. Along with the sticker you will receive the complete set of rules for using the lot. Please do not park in the marina lot if you have not purchased a sticker. They do check and they will have your vehicle towed.
As always, if you notice any damage or deterioration at the boat ramp, please let me know.
Steve Bishop
MBCA Boat Ramp Manager
787 Forsythe Terrace