Board Meeting 10/4/16

Board Attendees

Brandon Twentymon – President
Amanda Davies- Vice-President, A/Secretary
Tom McCarthy- Treasurer
John Doud
Rick Marsalek
Augie Pasquale

Number of Residents in Attendance – 0
The Manhattan Beach Civic Association Community Meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Brendan Twentymon.
President Report


Clubhouse Sign in the works, near finish
Entertainment set-up
Projector vs. TV, estimates received
Project has already been budgeted for in Clubhouse project and was carried as approved by membership
AV system Approved by: B. Twentymon, A. Davies, T. McCarthy, J. Doud, R. Marsalek, A. Pasquale; Proxy: S. Lykudis, G. Gantzert, B. Bowman

Marina Update

Meeting with Victoria with Brandon, Bob, and Augie; waiting on quote for pier repairs

Attorney General

No update

Oak Grove Beach

No Update


8-10 shifts a month
0 theft from auto over the past month

Dividing Beach – Augie/Brandon

Brandon- permits received, work expected to start September/October
Received 2 out of 3 quotes needed, some changes are required per the county after review of first two quotes

Mandarin – Rick Marsalek

No update

2017 Budget

Budget discussed during meeting

Mailing will go out immediately after October meeting
Vote will take place during November Meeting

Old Business

Website Development
1 out of 3 quotes received (over $2,000) would prefer to do as soon as possible
Board Voted “Approve” to move forward with re-designed website

New Business

Shredding event was discussed in community social media- consensus was that the community was not interested.
Proposal for Patio installation at the Clubhouse:
700sq ft patio area with retaining wall, charcoal grill, and three picnic tables
Will be receiving estimates

Adjourned at 7:54